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-AtF- Clan Rules

All -AtF Clan members are required to follow the rules that are set forth. Failure to follow rules will include verbal warnings and up to expulsion from the clan.

1. Respect you fellow clan-mates and server guests at all times.

2. Do not accuse or point fingers at players unless evidence such as screen shots and or asking a second opinion from a server admin.

3. Please address to the Admins about players hacking and/or other rule breakages for action either via contacting an Admin by Xfire, Email or the members section of the forums.

4. Clan Tags must be worn AT ALL TIMES unless you are the server admin, SMURFING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

5.Scrims are to be set up by an admin only! If you would like to make a suggestion of one we should look into please make a post in the members only section on the forums.

6. -AtF- Recruitment Policy. If you are intrested in joining please visit our game server so we can get to know you some and so you also may get to know us.

7. TS and Game server rights. At this time it is limited and it will remain that way so do not force the issue.

8. The -AtF- clan uses teamspeak along with xfire to communicate. Please download both before applying.

Copyright © by -AtF- Clan All Right Reserved.

Published on: 2008-12-29 (4855 reads)

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